When No One Would Listen True Story of Pamela Guenther

Pamela kept telling anyone who would listen about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband Dave.  She endured severe beatings and emotional abuse. When she found out that he was abusive towards her son she decided to leave. She left the home, began working, and fell in love with a man named Richard Stanley Stinson. Her husband David hunted her down at the safe house, followed her to a restaurant, and waited until the pair left the restaurant in Denver, Colorado. They were saying goodnight to one another when David fired shots that killed Pamela and wounded Stanley Stinson.

Jennifer Guenther died in Denver, Colordado?

I received this bit of information from Jene Hammond about where Jennifer Guenther's death occurred.

"Jennifer died outside of Burlington CO on her way to see her great grandmother in Kansas before she passed... She lived in Arvada, but the accident was not there."

When No One Would Listen is based on a True Story

This movie is based on the murder of Pamela Guenther by her husband David Guenther in Colorado.

Updated info on Jennifer

"Jennifer died outside of Burlington CO on her way to see her great grandmother before she passed... She lived in Arvada, but the accident was not there."

Pamela Guenther Murdered by her Husband David Guenther

April, 19, 1986: David Guenther shoots and kills his neighbor. He is not convicted of murder, but instead gets off on the "Make My Day Law." The law was named after the famous line in the Clint Eastwood movie. The facts of the incident are as follows:

David Guenther did not get along with his neighbors. That particular night David had been arguing with Michael Volosin, Robbie Wardwell, and some other friends about their music being to loud. During the altercation one of the men started to become too aggressive with Pamela, so David shot them. Josslyn C. Volosin was shot in the heart and killed. Michael was shot too, but the wounds were not life threatening. His friend Robbie Wardwell was shot in the abdomen.

David Guenther is not convicted of murder in the death of Josslyn Volosin. He returns to his life as normal and continues to threaten and beat his wife Pamela.

Feb 22, 1987: David Guenther cuts the phone lines and holds Pamela Guenther hostage in their home for 8 hours. He was arrested and released the same night on $10,000 bail. Neighbors were outraged.

On Sunday, March 1, 1987:Pamela Guenther is shot and killed. The death scene is described this way:

 As the pair were leaving and saying good bye to one another the two engaged in a passionate kiss while David Guenther looked on. David opened fire shooting Pamela and Stinson as her two children looked on. The daughter aged 9 at the time ran inside of the restaurant screaming "Mommy's been shot!" and "Daddy shot Mommy!" The management went outside to assist and found Pamela spread out on the front seat of the vehicle barely alive, and Stinson outside the vehicle on the ground. Management of the restaurant said that he could actually hear when Pamela took her last breath. A manhunt for David Guenther ensued. Days later he was arrested, charged, and finally convicted of her murder on March 25, 1988.

Extra Tidbits
Pamela Guenther, 30,  worked at a doughnut shop where she met her lover Stanley Stinson.

David Guenther, 35, stands 6 ft 5in tall and weighed, at the time, 260 pounds.

Christopher Guenther and Jennifer Guenther are the children's names. At the time they were only 10 and 11 years old.

Pamela's boyfriend Richard Stanly Stinson was shot 4 times, but survived.

Pamela Guenther's daughter,Jennifer K Guenther, died in a car accident at the age of 19 in Arvada, Colorado. She is buried beside her mother Pamela.

According to the son Chris Guenther, he actually witnessed his mom's murder. He remembered going to the police station and waiting for a very long time. The kids were separated in different room and questioned repeatedly. They didn't find out that their mother had died until hours later. They were sent to live in a foster home for a couple of weeks until their grandparents were granted temporary custody. Sadly, they were not allowed to go the their mom's funeral due to the media spectacle. They were allowed to view their mother in a private room. Seeing her dead was extremely painful for them. Chris remembers begging his grandparents for the car that his mother loved so dearly, but he was told that it would be too painful for him. When he was living with his grandparents he was able to witness some of the abusive behavior that may have affected his dad. There was alcoholism and mental abuse. The grandfather told them constantly that they would never amount to much. He felt so alone and hurt that he left their home and went to live on his own when he was just 17 years old. His only regret was leaving his baby sister. She begged him to take her with him. Sadly she died a short time later.